Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Little Girl & Her Lamb Journal Cards and Calendars with Pockets

For all my journaling girls..........sweet vintage little girl with her lamb
I've designed lined cards & universal calendars......just for you !

I found this adorable card.
You can get it and many more on this pretty blog.
Click the image

St.Patrick's Day Tags & Facebook Post

I designed a Facebook post for St. Patrick's Day
Click the image, save as post or copy image and paste.

Here's the matching tags......give to friends !

Water Color Wine Glass Lampshade & Place Cards for Your Easter Tablescape

It's been a long time since I picked up the brush annd painted with
water colors. This morning I got my paints out and created one of my favorite
printables.........a wine glass lampshade. I love using these on my
table, especially since the little battery-operated tea lights have become so 
easily to get..........light your table !